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hi, I need your help for some kind of, but not fully unimportant stuff..

I need to choose the picture for the graduation book, sooo

left or right!?

  1. sofiawinchester answered: right, it’s clearer
  2. powdercas answered: left
  3. caplicious answered: right
  4. vesselindenial said: Left x
  5. emilliaclark said: you look really pretty omg!!! *o* if i have to choose, i would say the right one! but the left one is good too!!! :O ;)
  6. cvintbarton answered: right
  7. mrsmoonbear said: I like the left one!
  8. clairefrazer answered: left :)x
  9. ghostrogers said: Right
  10. lindasrambles answered: they are both lovely, but i prefer the right one! :)
  11. runyouclleverboy said: Left
  12. samwisegardener answered: Right is clearer, but I think prefer the left somehow. Maybe the angle compliments you a bit better. They both look lovely though. :)
  13. ghostlyweasley answered: right!
  14. dvnedain answered: left. you look very pretty!
  15. holmvs answered: left! you are cutie с:
  16. galaxysguardians answered: You’re so pretty omg??? They’re both super fab! I like the first one because you’re facing the camera more :)
  17. smaugthegaydragon answered: Right uwu
  18. americanapurrel answered: both are super cute but i’d use the left! :)
  19. fypedropascal answered: right :) ps : you look beautiful
  20. itsmycroft posted this